Truth about USAP (US Animal Protection) Dawn Taylor Bechtold

USAP founder's Booking Report for Harassment

Dawn Taylor, founder of  USAP (United States Animal Protection) is a fraud.  Dawn Taylor  (aka Dawn Taylor Bechtold) has been soliciting funds for USAP since 2008 claiming that USAP is indeed a 501c3 non profit organization.  USAP is not a 501c3.  It never was - easily verifiable by going to

Dawn Taylor (USAP) has one big claim to fame and that was the huge rescue and transport of animals out of Louisiana in the aftermath of Katrina.  The real rescue group that did all the gut wrenching work was Mutt Shack.  Mutt Shack members were promised a night’s rest from the long drive to Atlanta from New Orleans.  When the members of Mutt Shack arrived in Atlanta, they were shocked to find that Dawn Taylor (USAP) misrepresented herself as a rescue.  She was never a legal rescue in the State of Georgia.  This is verifiable by contacting Mary Greene with Ga. Dept. of Ag.  at  

Ray Deluca was the head of the Dept. of Ag during this fiasco and with Mr. Deluca’s help Mutt Shack and real legal and legitimate Atlanta rescue organizations were able to clean up the mess created by the delusions of the fraud that had conned them abused of them during their stay in Atlanta and then cruelly sent back to Louisiana without even a night's rest. 

Dawn Taylor (USAP) will always con her way into and attach herself to reputable and legal organizations so that she (Dawn Taylor) may give herself credibility and thus generate more donations.  She prefers to connect herself to famous people for obvious reasons.  Please beware of pleas for donations for USAP with names of famous people attached.  Verify before you donate.

Dawn Taylor loves to cry that she is being harassed but she seems to be the only one getting arrested and convicted for harassment Athens-Clarke County, case #ST-06-CR-2365, Aug 20, 2007.

Dawn was in California last year and claimed to have infiltrated a dog fighting ring of the most notoriously lethal gangs in the history of this hemisphere, the MS-13.  (Look up their violent history on the FBI's website)  In retribution, the MS-13 gang member she dealt with took her dog and some 'stuff' and her vehicle.  Dawn Taylor was  unscathed and her dog showed up in a Southern California shelter - unscathed.  (Right.)

Dawn Taylor professes to know animals and says she takes care of her dogs.  It seems that she has no control of her un-socialized dogs.  Last year, under Dawn Taylor's watchful eye, one of her dogs killed a poor cat belonging to a good friend of her's.  Weeks later Dawn Taylor's reaction was that of shock when she found that her friend was still mourning the loss of her beloved feline companion.  Yeah, true animal advocate alright.

I think this Rip-Off report will find good company here since Dawn Taylor’s boyfriend Daniel Bechtold, ex-owner of Remodel America (Kennesaw Ga and Nashville, Tn), also managed to make his way to being labeled a rip-off.  Coincidence?

There are many allegations surrounding Dawn.  Some of these are the following:  incessant harassment in phone calls and e-mails, impersonating an official from Department of Agriculture, impersonating  a licensed investigator and making threats under the guise of an investigator, misrepresenting herself as a Federal Agent with arresting privileges etc.  the list goes on and on.    USAP (United States Animal Protection) will only become a reputable group when the mad hatter at the helm is muzzled permanently!  
Many of us feel that Dawn Taylor is dangerous and should be approached with extreme caution although it would be better to avoid this person and her group altogether. 

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