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Reality TV Stars raise money to re-open a shelter closed due to inhumane conditions and dead/sick dogs

Loonie Farms & SoCo Rescue: Too Many Similarities To Ignore

First, read about the massacre at Loonie Farms “Rescue”, then compare the situation there with the situation at SoCo “Rescue”.
  1. Both organizations are located near each other in Southern Georgia, and both were allowed continue operation even after obvious signs of neglect were reported to Georgia Dept of Agriculture, which oversees animal rescues.
  2. Both organizations are located on large parcels of property to help conceal the condition of the animals, and both organizations refuse entry to visitors wanting to see first-hand the condition of the animals. In July 2012, SoCo “supporter” Michael Allbright made a pre-announced visit to SoCo, and even he was not allowed to see the conditions inside the SoCo house and trailer.  After driving all the way to Georgia, he was only allowed to stand in the yard.  RED FLAG, anyone??
  3. Both organizations trolled online services daily (Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist) to make it appear that they are a legitimate rescue operation, and to solicit donors who will be unable to visit the rescue and too lazy to look up their history.
  4. Both organizations make the claim that they are a “legitimate rescue” because they have completed an IRS 501-c3.  Filing a form and paying a filing fee only proves that you filed a form and paid a filing fee — They do not do inspection our even care if the rescue is killing the dogs it’s collecting money to care for.  SoCo and Loonie Farms both seek donors that are uninformed and too lazy to actually read these documents, and become angry and threatening when the public points out that they are making false claims to donors.
  5. Both organizations claimed to be “saving” animals from local shelters, and frequently took animals from them.
  6. Both organizations were repeatedly reported to Animal Control for inhumane conditions by Georgia residents throughout 2011.
  7. Loonie Farms was operated by a man with a criminal record.  SoCo’s owner has been found to use 4 different names, often a telltale sign of a criminal past.  SoCo’s owner refused to answer the question “What is your real name” when asked via his lawyer.  Soco’s owners were also found guilty of charges by Animal Control a few years ago, which should have prevented them from obtaining a rescue permit from the State of Georgia.
  8. Both Loonie Farms and SoCo rescue continually post messages thanking people for their “trust”, and claiming to have the support of local law enforcement officials and politicians.  These messages seem to have the purpose of discouraging the public from looking up their criminal and abuse history.
  9. A Loonie Farms incident report filed on May 18th #201103017 stated that offenders were neglecting dogs, and stated the motive of the animal rescue was to “extort money from good hearted persons who genuinely care about the welfare of animals”.  SoCo also had an identical report filed by a neighbor, and continues to solicit donations without notifying the donors that they are on probation and have been fined significantly for inhumane conditions.
  10. Perhaps this similarity is MOST disturbing:  Georgia inspectors found large numbers of dead dogs and BOTH Loonie Farms and SoCo.  BOTH claimed they were from dogs that came in “in bad shape”.  BOTH mysteriously had no records for the dead dogs, as required by law, and BOTH were cited for failure to keep records.
SoCo ‘Rescue’ has already been shut down once (April 2011),  but is now “at capacity” again which is listed as 50 dogs. SoCo owners have continuously violated their permit restrictions, so it is very likely that they are back to 100+ dogs.  We already know from Judy Sarullo (from that the dogs at SoCo are not properly cared for, which explains the large cemetery on the property, and the lack of records for the dogs in the cemetery.
Why do the animals have to suffer and die at SoCo when so many people have already seen and reported what is going on there?  Are Georgia officials waiting for another Loonie Farms massacre?
April Mueller has already been charged and fined for Animal Control violations, and this could be Scott Bennett’s future:

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