Furry Paws-n-Whiskers Transport out of Kentucky (Sue & Tim Croft)

Animal transport gone bad by the Crofts

Both of these kittens died later on.
At the end of June there were numerous kittens and momma cats that needed rescuing from the Greenville County Animal Care Services (GCACS) in South Carolina. There were 12 cats and 35 kittens originally listed that needed to get out as they were too full and their time was coming due. They work with several rescues and they spread the news that they needed help. Amy Verder with Let Them Live Rescue in Kentucky stepped up to the plate and had it set up that they would go to a foster home in Massachusetts, but at the last minute the foster backed out. Amy had set up transport after being contacted by Sue Croft with Furry Paws-n-Whiskers Transport out of Kentucky to do everything but since the foster backed out she decided to have the transport take them to her place and she would take them all. Furry Paws-n-Whiskers Transport does weekly runs from the coast to the Massachusetts areas transporting animals.
Amy Verder had worked with Sue Croft on other transports and everything had always gone to schedule. The GCACS shelter had all the cats combo tested, vaccinations, micro-chipped, dewormed and given flea preventive. One of the cats did not have a litter and she was also spayed. Two sets of four kittens that were without a mom had been combo-tested and all were ready to go. Sue Croft set up with Amy Verder that she needed $375 for the transport and that included health certificates and transportation. She needed $75 up front by PayPal and the rest upon delivery in cash. Sue Croft called Amy Verder to let her know she would not be running in that direction for the transport but she would have her husband, Tim Croft, who owned and ran TCTransport to do the transport for her.
The day of the transport Tim Croft showed up to the shelter in Greenville, SC in a hatchback car and not a van as was previously discussed. He also only had two large dog crates which were not enough to hold all these cats and had to purchase cardboard carriers to transport them in. Andrea at the shelter tried to tell him they would keep the cats another day or so to allow him to get a larger vehicle if that would help, he refused and said he was only 6 hours away and he was going straight to Let Them Live Rescue. They agreed and let him go. Well after traveling, Tim Croft was tired and decided to go home and get some sleep. Amy Verder was contacted to let her know he would be stopping home but continuing on in the morning. She was assured that he would let the cats and kitten out, feed and water them when he got home. He did not.
Upon arriving at a predetermined location in the early afternoon time to Amy Verder, Tim Croft was standing outside the car that was off and had the windows rolled up. The cats and kitten were inside. Amy and her son started getting the carriers out of the hot car and into her van that had the air running. Amy was noticing that most of the cats were in cardboard carriers and the cats had scratch their way out of some of them, had holes in others, and a few were taped up to not allow them out. Tim was helping to load the cats to make it go faster but when asked for the health certificates, there were none! Amy Verder was alarmed about that but her first concern now was the smell from the cats and getting them home to her rescue. Upon reaching the residence, they started opening the carriers to discover some of the cats were dead. There was one box of a mother cat and her kittens that were all dead. Most of the kittens were dehydrated as they had no food or water during their very long trip.
Amy Verder called Tim Croft to find out what happened to these cats and after finally threatening with the authorities, Tim Croft confessed to leaving the cats and kitten taped in cardboard carriers in his car with the windows rolled up overnight and he did not supply them with any food or water. Amy was just appalled that someone with an animal transport could do such a thing. She contacted Sue Croft, which was apparently out of town on another transport, to tell her what happened. She also asked about the health certificates, as they are needed when transporting animals across state lines to ensure they are healthy and have received their proper vaccinations. Nothing was resolved!
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