About Us

Informing and educating the public about National animal abusers and criminal activity involving animals.

"So it is time to actually do something about animal abuse in this Country and we are tired of waiting for animal control or any animal services to take control of the situation....so let's use the power of the internet and social networking to get information running through animal groups, rescues and communities.

Time to put faces with animal abusers, pinpoint locations of dogfighting rings, call out the bad rescues and online scammers and get animals out of the hands of neglectful owners and bad rescues.

If you know of a dogfighting ring....post it. 
You see someone beating a dog.....let us know.
Having issues with your local animal control doing their job.....say something. Know of a puppy mill......speak up, know of a bad rescue/hoarder we want to know who they are. Got proof of someone running a rescue scam like a chipin for an animal they don't even have...post it here. Know of a transport gone bad, let us know.

No we may not be able to get someone thrown in jail but with this knowledge we can actually let other people know and make sure these abusers do not get to adopt,  foster, pull or transport. We can create a more watchful eye on the community with awareness. 

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