B.U.D.D.I.E.S Rescue Keith Wandell

The Truth about B.U.D.D.I.E.S Rescue 
{and it's owner}
Keith Wandell

Manatee County Animal Service's Chief Weiskopf telling the TRUTH 
(and the owner of BUDDIES getting caught in 2 LIES)

Emails From Keith's Brother

The owner of BUDDIES has made this rambling, drawn out video saying he was not found guilty or fined for any of the 63 original citations. But Manatee County Animal Control Officer Jerry Hill says different in this screenshot. You can also 
call Chief Weiskopf or Joel Richmond at 941-742-5933 press #1 and ask them for yourself.

Also, a copy of this video has been made (in case he deletes it) since it contains such specific allegations of theft and deceit against someone that had helped so many of his dogs. Because if these specific allegations are proved to be unfounded, then a slander suit could be filed.
(Slander of character is a false statement about an individual, which casts that person in a negative light. This type of defamation may also be made against an organization or a company. For the accusation to be considered criminal, it must be implied or stated to be truth when it is, in reality, a lie. It must also be made with malicious intentions.) 
Rufus Before & After BUDDIE'S Rescue Rufus 

Dustin Before & After BUDDIE'S Rescue 

AnnaBelle Before & After BUDDIE'S Rescue 

Ben Before & After BUDDIE'S Rescue

Dara Before & After BUDDIE'S Rescue 

Holly born at BUDDIE'S Pregnant When She Left Before & After BUDDIE'S Rescue  

Keeto Before & After BUDDIE'S Rescue  

Latte  Before & After BUDDIE'S Rescue 

Lucky  Before & After BUDDIE'S Rescue 

Missing & Presumed Dead

Living Conditions For The Animals Sent To BUDDIE'S Rescue


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