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AC4h Hits a New Low by Sally Schrock 

I seriously wanted to barf when I came across this Examiner article on Christmas Eve. Christy Sheidy and her associates are using a horrible tragedy, the Newtown, CT, massacre, to stage a publicity stunt. If it were any other horse rescue like Angel Acres Horse Haven or Brenda Lewis's ACE or Horse Rescue United, that would be one thing, but knowing Christy's insatiable penchant for publicity and capitalizing on national events to pump up AC4h's image (remember Ernie Paragallo, folks?) and pull in scores of gullible and unsuspecting donors and adopters--and above all, $$$$$, this is way beyond crass; it's self-serving and totally repugnant. 

 This may seem to the uninitiated an unselfish act of compassion, but to those who know all too well Christy's callousness and wanton disregard for the welfare of all life forms, including her fellow human beings, it's anything but. "What's in it for ME?" is the guiding principle in everything she does; it is most certainly NOT for the benefit of others, but for HERSELF, and only HERSELF.

 Christy has consistently and clearly demonstrated her lack of knowledge about equines in just about every aspect of running her "rescue", including wrongly identifying horses' sex, claiming certain horses were 'gaited' when in fact they were seriously lame; creating a new and rare breed out of thin air in a lame (pardon the pun!) attempt to identify a particular horse's breed; passing off a certain laminitic mare's condition as nothing more than a "good hoof trimming couldn't fix"; and much, much more.

 She's even attempted to pass off a number of horses as being suitable for beginners when they were clearly not and as a matter of fact were dangerous around even the most experienced horse people--including a 17.1h Suffolk draft cross mare that ended up being dumped by her horse-trading partner, Diana Murphy, at the Wyandot County Humane Society in Sandusky, Ohio after my friend Kristen Boltz, an experienced horsewoman herself, could not handle her safely and was forced to return her.

 Taking all of that into consideration, Christy and her associates are not qualified by any means to match an eight-month-old colt with a child between 6-10 years of age for several reasons, one being that most children that age do not have the knowledge or maturity to handle what is essentially an ungelded yearling, and a rambunctious one at that, even with adult supervision.

 So why would anyone, especially the operator of a rescue, want to put a child in harm's way by giving him or her an untrained colt? That's asking for major, and I mean MAJOR trouble. What's more, how many families out there are willing to lay out the money necessary for at least 90 days' professional training under saddle? It's not cheap at all, and a professional trainer is a luxury few families can afford in these financially lean times. 

 It just doesn't make sense when there are dozens upon dozens of dead-broke, kid-safe horses out there for next to nothing on Craigslist or even in the auctions themselves. Furthermore, a child between six and ten years of age isn't going to have the patience to wait for an eight-month-old colt to mature to the point that he can be put under saddle and trained to ride. Even then, I wouldn't consider a colt with 90 days' training under saddle safe enough to put a kid on.

 Kids want to get on a horse NOW and go riding, so getting them an unbroke equine just isn't good horse sense at all. Young horses and young kids together are a disaster waiting to happen.
 What it all boils down to here is that Christy and her buddies are not doing this out of the sheer goodness of their hearts. They're doing it out of their unbridled greed and love for the almighty dollar.  It's a shameless attempt to snag publicity for AC4h by exploiting a horrific tragedy and a dead girl's love of horses to their advantage. This is a new low even for them, and one that is absolutely revolting.

Newtown's young victim Jessica Rekos remembered by a rescued young colt
Remembering Jessica Rekos and her love of horses
December 22, 2012
By: Cheryl Hanna

On Tuesday, Jessica Rekos, in an emotional farewell was laid to rest at the cemetery of Saint Rose of Lima Church in Newtown, Conn. The six-year-old, one of the 20 young victims and 6 adults gunned down by Adam Lanza, 20 with a military assault rifle was a child "who loved horses and had asked Santa for cowgirl boots and a hat... She devoted her free time to watching horse movies, reading horse books, drawing horses, and writing stories about horses," stated her parents Rich and Krista Rekos in a statement from People magazine.

Jessica will never get her own horse when she turns ten, but a rescued young Standardbred colt now renamed Rekos who was saved from slaughter will be a small remembrance of a young life lost but certainly never to be forgotten.
Six-years ago the last United States horse slaughterhouse was closed, but just as many horses are still carved up in Canada and Mexico for human consumption. Last year nearly 140,000 horses - healthy, young, stolen, and nearly every equine breed suffered excruciatingly cruel deaths.
 Statistics show that 80 percent of Americans are opposed to horse slaughter, yet legislation to permanently ban the transport of horses to Canada and Mexico for slaughter continues to languish somewhere in the legislative system.

The colt and his mother Sheer Sensation were pulled from a horse broker's lot by Another Chance 4 Horses on November 19. The contributions of two longtime supporters, Louise and Ruth guaranteed the safety of the two horses, but finding a home for a young colt can be quite difficult. Thanks to the efforts of Darlene Supnick of Forgotten Angels Equine Rescue in Medford, N.J. and Janine Jacques, from Hope 4 Horses in Massachusetts who specializes in the placement of young horses, the eight-month-old colt will be offered for adoption to a young girl.

Lisa Drahorad, a volunteer for Forgotten Angels Equine Rescue and Another Chance 4 Horses stated:
"Dear sweet Jessica. We have your horse. His name will be Rekos. When the time is right, we will send a photo of Rekos to your family so they know that your memory will live on with something that you loved so much."

Rekos will be transported to Connecticut where he will be available for adoption to a little girl between the ages of 6 and 10 in honor of Jessica and the horse she always wanted.
If you would like to assist with donations to help Rekos get to Connecticut, please click here xxxxxxx.

Reko's mother, Sheer Sensation is also available for adoption through Forgotten Angels Equine Rescue. Please visit their website if you are interested in adopting, volunteering, or donating. Follow the group on their Facebook page by clicking xxxxxxx

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Snarky commentary on the breeding of poor quality horses
Silly or abusive training techniques, and pretty much anything else that annoys us!
Posted On Fugly Horse Of The Day
Another Chance to Avoid Actually Working!
Oh, boy, I’ve been dying to write this one for a LONG time but I really do like to get facts and eyewitnesses before I call a rescue out (or an arrest warrant will do, too). I’m in a hurry but I have to share this – I’ll approve comments late tonight so feel free to comment away!

I’ve known for a very long time what a sleazy individual Christy Shady Sheidy is, and what a joke of a faux rescue Another Chance 4 Horses is. It’s always been the East Coast CBER, but Chri$ty is far slipperier than $am and she has gotten away with her crap for a much longer time as a result. She even has a few tricks $am never thought of – while she is doing $am-like shit like putting horses back on the truck to slaughter, and having horses that are paid for mysteriously disappear thereafter, she also does not forget to tell these stories – but she attributes them to OTHER RESCUES! Yep, this grand prize winner of con artistry actually badmouths the good, reputable rescues and accuses them of the stuff SHE does. Now that is a special kind of evil.

But they all go down eventually, and Chri$ty decided to fuck with the wrong person this time – someone who (a) is clearly very intelligent; (b) has excellent internet research skills and (c) thought it was QUITE the crock of shit that Chri$ty threatened her with being bad mouthed on the Internet!

I think so too. Read the story, and tell me who YOU think deserves the badmouthing on the Internet!

The following story is a personal account of the rescue of a Thoroughbred racehorse through a well known equine rescue organization. My intent in writing this report is to increase awareness within the racing industry about the horse slaughter pipeline and to educate people who donate their time and money to horse rescue to be very selective in the organizations they support. The following account is factual, and any personal opinions of mine will be noted as such by me throughout this narrative.

On the evening of November 4, 2009, my daughter Billie Rae, was notified by an individual, via e-mail, that a thoroughbred who had been bred by Billie’s grandfather was on a brokers lot in Pennsylvania destined to be shipped to slaughter on November 9. The email advised my daughter to go to the Another Chance 4 Horses website and click on the broker owned horses link. My daughter did so, and found that there was a description of a gray thoroughbred gelding, named Luckyallmylife, 5years old, who had been last trained by Jeff Zook. Luckyallmylife had been bred by W. A. Croll, Jr, my daughter’s grandfather, in 2004. There were four pictures of Luckallmylife being held by a young girl, and a Youtube video that showed him being jogged on a lead line (lame in my opinion) with a voice in the background saying “nice mover”.


The email advised my daughter to contact Christy Sheidy, founder of Another Chance 4 Horses, if she wanted to rescue the horse. Since W.A. Croll, Jr. died in June of 2008, my daughter called me and I looked up Luckallmylife’s past performance charts .

The following information was not on the rescue website, and in no way reflects anything Another Chance 4Horses knew, or attempted to find out for that matter.

W.A. Croll, Jr.’s son, William Croll, trained Luckyallmylife up until October of 2007. Luckyallmylife’s last start for William Croll was at the Meadowlands racetrack in New Jersey. Luckyallmylife was not a very consistent racehorse, and not especially successful. William Croll races his stable at Gulfstream Park during the winter months, which is a very competitive circuit, and Luckyallmylife would not have suited that venue for the 2007-2008 racing meet. William Croll decided to give Luckallmylife to a very well known and well respected New Jersey based trainer, Ed Barney. Ed Barney has a beautiful farm just outside the Monmouth Park racetrack, where he breeds and races thoroughbreds, as well as maintaining a string of pony horses who, are considered by many within the industry, to be the best looking and best behaved pony horses anywhere in the country. When William gave Luckyallmylife to Ed, he also gave him the foal papers because William knew that it did not matter whether Ed decided to keep racing Luckyallmylife, or retrain him as a pony or show horse, Ed was a responsible horseman who had been a trusted friend of the Croll family for years, and would do the right thing by the horse.

Ed took Luckyallmylife to his farm and gave Luckyallmylife several months of turnout and down time. Ed was open to the idea of remarketing Luckyallmylife as a show horse, but there were no offers. In 2008, a trainer from Mounatineer Park, Jeff Zook, made a visit to Ed’s farm in New Jersey to pick up a client’s horse he had boarded there. At this time Jeff was interested in Luckyallmylife because of his breeding and that he was lightly raced. Ed felt that since Jeff trains off a farm instead of the racetrack, Luckyallmylife could return to racing. Jeff Zook purchased Luckyallmylife and took him back to West Virginia, at which time Luckyallmylife won his first start back off his layup in June of 2008.

On September 20, 2009 Luckyallmylife was last, beaten by 28 lengths at Presque Downs. On or about October 1,2009 Jeff Zook told me that he sold Luckyallmylife to Dave Schaffer of Fairmont, West Virginia. Jeff Zook maintained, at that time, he had no idea how Luckyallmylife ended up on a broker’s lot in Jonestown Pennsylvania, destined for slaughter.

After my daughter received the email concerning Luckyallmylife on the broker’s lot, she received a phone call (Thursday) from a woman named Lisa Amerino in New York. (We do not know if Lisa is affiliated with Another Chance 4 Horses or merely a friend of Christy Sheidy). Lisa told Billie that Luckyallmylife was earmarked for slaughter, and that unless Billie sent Christy $400.00 bail money before Monday, the horse would die. During this conversation, Billie asked many questions such as how did the horse get there, where was the broker’s lot, what was his condition, and most importantly, how soon could she come and retrieve him. Lisa was adamant that Billie could not pick Luckyallmylife up from the broker’s lot, and when Billie persisted in wanting to know why not, Lisa told Billie she was going to put Christy on the line and they would have a three way conversation. Billie put her phone on speaker so that I could hear the conversation, along with two other boarders who happened to be in Billie’s office while this phone call was taking place.

Christy and Lisa proceeded to tell Billie that Luckyallmylife was on the broker’s lot. Christy said that the horse was very thin and that he had several cuts on his hind legs that were probably due to “getting banged up on the broker’s trailer”. Luckyallmylife was with a horse trader who also sold directly to slaughter. Christy told my daughter that this broker sometimes had up to 150 horses on this lot and that it was a “bad place”. When Billie asked if she could bring our trailer to Pennsylvania with a check and pick the horse up, Christy told Billie “absolutley not”. Christy said that Billie needed to send $450.00 to the pay-pal account of Another Chance 4 Horses. $400.00 was for the broker, $25.00 was for a donation to Another Chance 4 Horses, and $25.00 was so that Christy could hire a private shipper to bring the horse to the New Holland Auction’s parking lot where he could be picked up on Monday morning.

Billie asked once again, where in Pennsylvania was Luckyallmylife? Christy angrily responded that she would not divulge that information. When Billie asked why not, Christy told her that the broker was a kill buyer who did not care if Luckyallmylife was rescued or not. Christy said he only works with Christy and that he does not want anyone to know what horses he has there, especially the thoroughbreds off the track. Christy said that if Billie did not do exactly as Christy dictated, Luckyallmylife would simply “disappear”. Christy stated that she had spent years building a relationship with this particular broker and only she was allowed on the property, only she was allowed to see the thoroughbreds, and she picked out which horses would be offered for rescue on the website. Billie mentioned to Christy that many of the racetracks now have “no slaughter” policies that are supposed to deter trainers and owners from sending their horses to people such as this broker. Billie asked Christy if she ever contacts the racetracks to tell them about brokers such as the one she deals with. Christy said she would never betray the “trust she has established with the kill buyers”.

Billie asked why would we need to have a coggins pulled since Luckyallmylife had been transported from West Virginia to Pennsylvania and according to Pennsylvania agriculture regulations he would have had to have a current negative coggins. Christy laughed and said that kill buyers don’t care about coggins. Christy also said that most of the time, as soon as the kill buyer crosses state lines, the first truck stop he comes to he usually throws any paperwork, including registration papers, straight into the nearest trash can. Christy told Billie that was one of the reasons that Luckyallmylife had to go to New Holland to be picked up and because she worked closely with the veterinarian at New Holland; Dr. Holt would pull the blood and run the test at his on site lab.

Billie agreed to send the money through pay-pal, but told Christy that she was not very comfortable sending money to people she did not know for a horse she could not pick up. Billie also told Christy that she still did not understand why the broker couldn’t just walk Luckyallmylife to the end of his driveway if he didn’t want anyone on his property, and we could load the horse on the street. Once again, Christy told my daughter that if she didn’t do as Christy said, she could not have the horse.
* According to the “terms of agreement” posted on the Another Chance 4 Horses website, the pay-pal confirmation would be the legally binding bill of sale and Billie should use that as her proof of purchase. The website also states that “WE DO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO EITHER MARKUP OR ASK FOR A DONATION TO COVER OUR COSTS”. * It was this particular clause that bothered Billie and I the most. Were the prices being asked for the horses being split between Another Chance 4 Horses and the kill buyer/broker?
After the phone conversation was over, I told Billie that I was going to call my own contacts within the racing community and find out where Luckyallmylife was located. I went back on the website and noticed that there was a picture of a man riding another one of the horses being offered for sale. This was the same man I had seen at the New Holland auction many times before. I sent his picture to several rescue organizations and received a reply that this man worked for Brian Moore of Jonestown Pennsylvania. He usually wore a jacket at the auction with Brian Moore’s name plastered on the back. I then Googled Brian Moore and found a link, Moore’s Menagerie, that gave an extensive description of Brian Moore, including the fact that he also owns the Lebanon Valley Livestock Auction which holds a horse auction the second Saturday of each month. The Lebanon Valley Horse Auction is conveniently located within ten miles of Brian Moore’s broker lot. According to the Moore’s Menagerie home page, Brian offers all types of horses and ponies, mules and donkeys. Brian also has trail rides, lessons, and even holds “fun shows” at his farm. Hardly a website that would make anyone think you should never go there unless you knew Christy Sheidy. Brian’s Farm
After reading all about Brian and his family, I told Billie that as soon as she received the confirmation that Christy had gotten the money, I was going to call Brian Moore and see if we could pick Luckallmylife up before Monday. On Saturday morning I contacted a friend in Pennsylvania and asked her if she could arrange for a shipper to go to Jonestown to pick up Luckyallmylife at Brian Moore’s farm. Not only did my friend say that she knew someone who could pick the horse up, she also arranged for Luckyallmylife to be boarded at a private farm in Pennsylvania until we could get a coggins. (This was very helpful to us since Billie was competing at a three day horse show at the Virginia Horse Center that weekend. This event had already been planned by Billie months before she received the email that Luckyallmylife was in danger.)
I immediately called Brian Moore and left a message on his answering machine that Billie had purchased Luckyallmylife through the Another Chance 4 Horses pay pal, that we had the confirmation that the money had been received and that we had hired a private shipper to come to the farm on Saturday to pick up the horse. I left a contact phone number and said that we would be calling back. I waited over one hour, and I called Brain Moore’s farm a second time and left an identical message. The shipper in Pennsylvania called and said he could pick Luckyallmylife up between 12:30 pm and 1pm. Since it was Saturday, I decided to call the Lebanon Valley Livestock Auction, owned by Brian Moore, to see if he was there and tell him we wanted to pick Luckyallmylife up. I called the auction and a female receptionist answered the phone and said she would get Brian. After a long wait, the phone line disconnected. I called back to the auction and explained that we had been disconnected and I would like to speak with Brian Moore, but the receptionist answered that he was busy with the auction and could not come to the phone. I asked if I could leave a message and she said “sure”. I told her that my daughter had purchased a horse from him off of the internet and we would like to pick the horse up that afternoon but did not want to go his farm unless someone was there. She was very pleasant and said that Brian’s wife Jen was always home, and that if she wasn’t home, the farm manager would be. I thanked her very much and called the shipper back and told him to drive to the Moore’s farm. The shipper said that he could be there within the hour.
I then called Brian Moore’s home phone for the third time and was in the process of leaving a message that the shipper would be there within an hour when a woman picked up the phone and started screaming at me that under no circumstances would she let anyone take that horse off of her property. She continued to rant and rave for several minutes and when she finally stopped to take a breath of air, I quickly explained to her that we just wanted to get the horse off her hands and get him home. Brian’s wife then told me that she did not care that we had sent money to Christy via pay-pal. She said that Christy had not given her any money and that she would not let the horse go until she was paid. Brian’s wife also said that “for all she knew the horse was stolen, and that until Christy paid for the horse, they were not going to get involved”. She then told me that if a trailer showed up on her property, she was going to call the police. At that point I told Brian’s wife that I thought calling the police was probably a good idea. Brian’s wife then hung up on me.
I decided that the situation was becoming contentious and contacted the Jonestown highway patrol. An officer listened to my story and said that he would contact Mrs. Moore and see if he could arrange for the shipper to pick up Luckyallmylife. I also expressed to the officer my concern that by picking up the horse at New Holland I may be in violation of Pennsylvania state law that prohibits the sale or transfer of horses on the property of a public livestock auction. Ten minutes later the officer called back and said that Mrs. Moore would not relinquish the horse until Christy paid Brian his money. As far as Mrs. Moore was concerned, Luckyallmylife was still her horse in spite of any money that Christy may have received over the internet. I told the officer that I was quite sure if Luckyallmylife hurt anyone while he was at the Moore’s, they would just as quickly say he was Billie’s horse. The officer was very sympathetic and acknowledged that he was hesitant to pursue any legal action since he might be overstepping his jurisdiction. The officer suggested that we wait until Monday to pick up the horse, but assured me that if I had any trouble on Monday at New Holland I should call the Lancaster police and tell them a report was already on file. I thanked the officer for his intervention.
Within fifteen minutes of that call Christy called Billie and was borderline hysterical. Christy cursed at my daughter and said that Billie had no right to call the Moores and that she could not pick up Luckyallmylife because the horse now belonged to Christy. Christy told Billie that even though the money had been received through pay-pal, the horse was not legally Billie’s until Monday morning. Billie asked Christy why had Christy told Billie that Luckyallmylife was Billie’s when the pay pal confirmation had been sent. Christy said she never said that, and that if Billie did not stop causing trouble, she would never get the horse. Billie told Christy she did not understand how Christy could assume ownership of a horse that Billie had paid for. Once again, Christy insisted that Billie did not own the horse. Christy then went on to tell Billie that because of her actions, thousands of horses would now go to slaughter and their blood was on Billie’s hands. Christy told Billie that she would put that information all over the internet and that Billie could deal with the backlash from the internet community. Billie very calmly told Christy that she highly doubted people would see her, (Billie) as the guilty party. Christy told Billie that if she even tried to take Luckyallmylife off of the Moore’s property, she would call the state police and have Billie arrested for shipping a horse across state lines without a coggins. Once again, Billie calmly told Christy that it was very interesting that Christy would report Billie, but had never considered reporting the kill buyers who violate state law week in and week out. After a rambling rant from Christy describing her thankless job as a horse rescuer, Billie told Christy she would meet her at the New Holland Auction on Monday morning at 8:a.m. Christy told Billie she had children to get to school and that the soonest she could get there was 11:00a.m. Billie asked what time Luckyallmylife would get to the auction and Christy said between 8:a.m. and 9:a.m.. Billie said that she could get Luckyallmylife as soon as he got there if the shipper could call her to tell us where he was. Christy said the shipper would not call us. Billie asked why not? Christie said “they just won’t”. Then Christy told Billie that Luckyallmylife could stand on the trailer in the parking lot until she got there and so Billie could come early if she wanted to, but she could not get her horse until Christy said so.
At this point we were beginning to see some very obvious policies of hypocrisy within the Another Chance 4 Horses organization. We made our travel plans and arrived at the New Holland Auction at 8:00a.m. Monday morning, November 9. At 9:00a.m. I went to the New Holland unloading dock and asked if Brian Moore had shipped in yet. The Amish man at the table said no. At 10:00a.m. I asked again if Brian Moore had shipped in yet and the Amish man again said no, but another man standing near us said “Brian never gets here early, he hates to get out of bed”. Billie went into the New Holland veterinary office to make arrangements to have a coggins pulled on Luckyallmylife when he got to the auction. The vet tech told Billie that Dr. Holt had been to Brian Moore’s farm on Friday afternoon and Christy had told him to draw the coggins then. (This was a direct contradiction to Christy’s threat on Saturday that if we had moved Luckyallmylife on Saturday he did not have a coggins. Dr. Holt’s lab can complete the coggins test within two hours). Billie paid the $20.00 coggins fee and we continued to wait for Luckyallmylife to arrive at New Holland.
Billie had been texting Christy throughout the morning to find out where the horse was and when Christy was going to get to the auction. Christy finally text back just before 11:a.m. and said she would be there shortly. I noticed the man( ) who was on the Another Chance 4 Horses broker’s page walking toward the loading ramp wearing a red jacket with Brian Moore Stables on the back. I asked him if he worked for Brian Moore. He said “yes”. I told him we were there to pick up the horse we had bought off the website from Brian and Christy. Chuck said he had not brought any horses to the auction and he did not know what I was talking about. I followed him into the vets office where he dropped off some paperwork and as he left the office he turned to me and said, “I told you I don’t have no horse” and then he walked away from me to an entrance to the auction. I thought about following him to see if he would lead me to the horses I knew he had brought, but decided to go back to the loading ramp and ask the Amish man if Moore’s horses were here. The Amish man said that Moore’s horses were indeed at the auction, and that if I wanted to talk to Brian Moore, he was “standing directly across from the auctioneer “. I was about to go look for Brian when a young Amish girl wearing blue jeans underneath her dress came up to me and asked me, “Do you have a question for me?” I looked at her and asked her “who are you?” She replied that she worked for the New Holland auction and that I needed to stop yelling at people. I told her I had not yelled at anyone, I was merely trying to find out where a horse my daughter had already paid for was being held. The Amish girl told me I needed to wait for Christy, that only Christy could get me my horse, and that Christy would be here soon.
I turned away and walked right into Dr. Holt. He asked me what the problem was. I told him I was not sure why a simple horse sale had so much drama. Dr. Holt told me I had nothing to worry about, this was just the way these things are, and he was sure I would get my horse whenever Christy showed up. Twenty minutes later Christy walked up to me and Billie and said “are you ready to get your horse?” Billie answered yes and Christy said “give me your halter and I will go get him.” I told Billie to go with her at which point Christy said “no, you wait here. If you want to get your horse you do as I say, you wait here, or you’ll never see him again”. I reminded Christy that Billie had a bill of sale, and that the horse was already our property. Christy responded that Luckyallmylife was not our horse, that Anotherchance4Horses owned him because Christy said that pay-pal takes 72 hours and Billie did not own Luckyallmylife. I told Christy, “let me get this straight, you solicit money on the internet from people to rescue horses that are destined for slaughter, you tell them that as soon as they send the money through pay-pal they have a bill of sale, your website states that this bill of sale makes them immediately liable and responsible for the horse, and now you’re telling me the horse is yours?” Christy once again said the horse was the property of AnotherChance 4Horses and this was our last chance to get him. She told Billie and I to wait on the street.
Billie asked me to just let Christy go, so I reluctantly agreed. Unknown to Christy, our shipper had been watching the whole exchange from a distance. As soon as Christy and the Amish girl had the halter and lead rope and walked away, he followed them. Christy walked into the large parking lot, past the tables that were set up for people selling tack and stable supplies, and deeper and deeper into the lot past rows of trucks and trailers. Sure enough, Christy went into a stock trailer that was parked there and came out leading Luckyallmylife. * Our shipper did not notice if there was any lettering on the side of the truck, but my suspicion is that Brian Moore did transport the horse to New Holland which means that the $25.00 shipping fee Christy tells adopters will be used to pay a private shipper is paid to Brian Moore who comes to the auction every Monday anyway. *
Christy handed the horse to the Amish girl to lead up the road to where we were waiting. Luckyallmylife was a mess. He was extremely thin, he had a large front ankle and his hind legs were huge. His right hind leg had puss oozing out of two different punctures. His left hind leg was severely inflamed. Billie reached down and pressed lightly on the inside of Luckyallmylife’s cannon bone which caused a stream of puss to shoot out of both punctures. Several people who were standing nearby actually had to move out of the way of the stream of puss. The shipper and I went to get the trailer, and within five minutes Luckyallmylife was safely in a box stall with fresh hay which he immediately began eating.
Billie and I returned to the auction to check on another Thoroughbred we had seen tied up that was there to be sold. The horse was a plain bay filly and still had her racing plates on. Her hip number was 208 and her tattoo was J20714. I called a friend who looked her tattoo up on the Jockey Club registry site and we found out her name was Smack Attack and she had last raced at Charlestown on October 28, 2009. The filly was owned and trained by Cynthia Wever. I called a friend in Virginia, Diana, who knew Cynthia Wever’s boyfriend. Within twenty minutes Diana called back and asked if I could bid on the filly and get her back. Cynthia had given the horse to a man in Orange who had strict orders to return the filly if she was not what he was looking for as a riding horse. Instead, that man gave the filly to William Jenkins, a well known horse trader who drives around northern Virginia picking up horses and taking them to New Holland. Billie went to check on the status of the filly and saw a red mark through her hip number which meant she had already been sold through the auction. Billie went upstairs to the office and asked who had brought Hip#208 to the auction and who had bought her. William Jenkins had indeed brought her to the auction, and another kill buyer, Frank Carper of Camelot Auction in New Jersey, had purchased her.
Billie went downstairs into the auction area and found Frank Carper. She asked if he would sell her the filly and he said he would for $350.00. This was more than he had paid twenty minutes earlier, but not as high as some kill buyers would have demanded. We called Diana back, gave her Frank’s phone number and by the end of the sale Smack Attack had been bought back and arrangements were made for her to be picked up and sent home to Cynthia.
As we were preparing to leave the auction, I saw Christy Sheidy, the Amish girl, the vet tech and Dr. Holt standing together talking. I walked over to the group and waited until they were finished talking. I then asked Dr. Holt and Christy if I could ask them a few questions about LUckyallmylife. I told Dr. Holt that I had been told that he had gone to Brian Moore’s on Friday to draw blood on Luckyallmy life for a coggins. Dr. Holt said he had gone to Brian Moores to do other work , not just to get the blood for the coggins. I asked Christy if she was there on Friday and she said yes, she held Luckyallmylife for Dr. Holt. I asked Dr. Holt if he knew at that time that Luckyallmylife had been paid for. Dr. Holt said he did not know who had bought him but Christy only asks him to pull blood on those horses she had sold. I asked him whose name he put on the coggins for owner, and he said he put AnotherChance 4 Horses. I then asked Christy why she had not told him to put Billie’s name on the coggins and she said because it wasn’t Billie’s horse at that time. I thee asked Dr. Holt if he had noticed the condition of Luckyallmylifes legs and he said he had. Christy then jumped in and said she had told Billie he had cuts on his legs and that she was not responsible for his condition. I told Christy I was not accusing her of injuring Luckyallmylife, but I did question why a veterinarian and a self proclaimed horse expert would not have considered contacting Billie and asking us if we wanted to start the horse on an antibiotic program since they both knew the horse was not going to be delivered to us until Monday and his infection was getting worse. Dr. Holt quickly said “I’m finished with this” and walked away. Christy then said it was not her responsibility to provide medical treatment for a horse that was sold on the internet. I immediately pointed out to Christy that she had been insisting for days that Billie did not own the horse until Monday, which could only mean that Christy was indeed responsible for denying the horse antibiotics. I told Christy it appears that whatever situation is most convenient to her determines who owns the horse from the time money is transferred to the time the horse is delivered. At this point Christy was enraged. She, and the vet tech, told me that I had made a lot of people mad and that “thousands of thoroughbreds will now go to slaughter because of all the trouble I had caused and that the blood of those horses would be on my hands”. I told Christy that she was almost as bad as a kill buyer herself, because not only does she enable dealers like Brain Moore who knowingly help trainers pipeline their thoroughbreds to slaughter, she profits from them as well.
When we arrived home on Monday evening, we contacted our veterinarian and told her about Luckyallmylife and his infection. She said to start him on SMZ’s clean his legs and wrap him with furacin and gauze for the night, no sweat. She said she would come first thing in the morning. We attended to Luckyallmylife and he was wonderfully cooperative. We put a light sheet on him and put him in a quarantine area with fresh water and hay. The following day the veterinarian gave him a physical and x-rayed his front ankle. No chips, but he had obviously hyper-extended the ankle at some time and damaged the sheath. His back legs were the bigger issue. We started a new treatment of bandaging to encourage drainage and continued the antibiotics. We weighed and measured Luckyallmylife. He is 16 hands tall, and he weighs 950 pounds.
I contacted Jeff Zook and asked him how did he think Luckyallmylife had ended up at Brian Moore’s. Jeff told me that he had sold Luckyallmylife to Dave Schaffer of Fairmont, West Virginia for $500.00. Jeff said that Dave wanted Luckyallmylife to re-sell as a show horse. Jeff told me that Rosemary Williams of Mountaineer Park had already called him about the horse. I asked for Dave’s phone number but Jeff said he did not have it. Jeff told me that Dave Schaffer was a farrier, but not at the racetrack. I asked how did Jeff know him and he said he had known him for years, and that he often comes to the backstretch of Mountaineer Park. Jeff said he had called Dave when he heard about the kill buyer and Dave Schaffer said he had given Luckyallmylife away because his ankle was too big and everyone was afraid of it. * I wondered why Dave would give away a horse he had just paid $500.00 for especially since the horse had a big ankle when Dave bought it* Jeff mentioned that Mountaineer has a no slaughter policy but it only applies to Sugarcreek. I told Jeff that I would call him back when I found out more.
On Wednesday I found Dave Schaffer’s phone number on the internet. Before I called Dave Schaffer, I acted on a hunch and called a woman who had an equestrian page on the internet who lived near Fairmont. I asked her if she knew Dave Schaffer. She told me that everyone around here knows Dave. She told me he does not have a barn, he has a pasture with a small lean to. She told me he wheels and deals horses, he takes them to auctions and buys them from auctions. I thanked her for her time. I called Dave Schaffer and asked him about Luckyallmylife. Dave told me that he was a nice horse, but that he was too high spirited and that Dave could not get along with him. Dave told me he had given the horse away, but could not remember who he had given him to. Dave never mentioned buying Luckyallmylife for $500.00 nor did he mention anything about Luckyallmylife’s ankle. *I am not implying that Dave Schaffer did not buy Luckyallmylife, only that he did not mention it* I asked Dave Schaffer to please call me back when he could remember who he had given Luckyallmylife to. Dave said he would, but I am not holding my breath.
This report will hopefully increase awareness within the racing community that the racetrack to slaughter pipeline is alive and well. It is important that trainers and owners are aware of the many individuals who spend their time seeking out horses to send to slaughter. Sometimes these traders obtain the horses through lies and deceit. Sometimes they are sought out by trainers who think these traders can make a horse “disappear” My experience is that kill buyers think most trainers don’t know how to train a horse and although they may be happy to help these trainers ‘get rid” of their horses, they could also care less if the trainers get “busted’ for violating racetrack policy. The bottom line is that most kill buyers illegally transport horses from auction to auction without paperwork, fail to consider a horse might be stolen, could care less how injured or compromised a horse is, and have no motivation to feed or improve on a horses condition once they obtain it.
Kill buyers contract with the Canadian slaughterhouses. Pick up days vary, but Sundays and Mondays are big days. Many kill buyers in the Mid Atlantic region own their own auctions, Leroy Baker, Brian Moore, Mel Hoover, Neil Dillon, Peter Preston, and Frank Carper to name a few.
Thoroughbred owners and trainers would be well advised to only deal with rescue organizations that have an affiliation with the racing industry. There is nothing sadder than to see a thoroughbred suffer through the slaughter pipeline. These horses have been handled by people since the day they were born. They trust people. The treatment they endure by kill buyers who delight in their misery is indefensible.

Anne Russek

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If you haven’t already heard, there is a $1000 reward out for the return of Munition, a Thoroughbred gelding who was scammed out of his (admittedly gullible and should have known better) owner and now is in the hands of a kill buyer.
The story has gone far and wide, but the piece of the puzzle that is missing from most sources is the fact that Chri$ty of Another Chance to Avoid Working is involved. What a shocker, I know! The Alex Brown forum deleted the full story, as follows:

From: MaraNJPA 5:18 pmTo: ALL (154 of 154)52919.154 in reply to 52919.137This is Mara the TRUE owner. PLEASE resume your help at I will forward to email addresses of people that can help.
Comments, prayers please leave here at Alex Brown as there is no motive to delete these comments.
Hey Christy? If you are a rescue???? Why are you deleting my posts with all the information I have traveled cross-country with all the help of hundreds of horse lovers to attain? Have you heard of a subpoena?
My conclusion of the story is well based, well investigated by all types of experts locally and internationally, here is what I believed happened. Lets see if this is deleted?
“Hello, Yes I am Gina (aka Mara Feld). When I say I “believe” this is what happened to Munition I have been given several pieces of evidence from sources who have everything to lose and nothing to gain. Such evidence, as it was revealed to me piece by piece, have allowed me to conclude beyond any reasonable doubt that Chisty and Rick have hidden my horse. I don’t buy the “he’s dead story”.
Spud Noone was motivated to get Munition out of Kerri-On-Farm in Three Rivers (near Palmer, MA) after I clued in on Friday and had an unpleasant conversation with Spud.
The following Monday the 22nd at approx. 1pm my attorney called Spud Noone to suggest that we settle this out of court. At that point in time Munition was probably on Brian Moore’s truck on his way to “another chance”. Then Spud called either Beam or Moore or the Sheidys or Phil Shirk to let them know about the call from an attorney (as I am sure the phone records will show in court). Then the Sheidys freaked and were motivated to get Munition out of their hands in the fear the PA police would show up.
That is why they sold Munition right away (to make a buck) and that is why there is no picture of him on the AC4H page and that is why everyone says “he is dead”: because they think I will go away. But I will not.
Munition could be hidden, he could be abused, killed by Beam?, killed by Noone? killed by either Rick or Christy Sheidy? killed by Shirk? I will do anything to get this horse back. I am happy to compensate any new owner financially as well as anyone who helps to find Munition. Please bring Munition home!
As I stated previously this is what I “believe” happened. Anything and everything is on the internet and nothing can be believed without further research. If anyone has a problem with me being Gina (ie Noone, Beam, Moore, Sheidys, Shirk) that is between us and I will be happy to entertain any one of these people in a court case. I am just trying to find Munition. PLEASE HELP!
I have credible sources that know Noone, Beam, Moore, and Christy Sheidy make approximately $50,000 per week. This has been going on for a long time. These horses are STOLEN, sold as STOLEN PROPERTY, treated like RESCUE horses, when they HAD LOVING HOMES, SOLD AS STOLEN PROPERTY again across the country for big bucks coming into this circus of killers and swidlers.”
**note whe writes they are stolen since in PA they are bought under false pretense=stolen.
FHOTD back in: Mara, you were not smart in this situation and I think you realize that now. That said, thank God you are not going to let this go. Whether we can still save your horse or not, it is time the kill buyers and their cohorts, the sleazy, lazy bitches like $am and Chri$ty are held accountable for their scamming and their total disregard for equine life and for the human beings they scam. Neither of those women has ever lost one minute of sleep caring whether or not a horse went to kill as long as their pockets were well-lined and they did not have to get a (GASP!) real job. And Mara, I hope that you pursue this to the ends of the earth and make sure no one ever forgets this or trusts any of these individuals ever again.
And whether you’re a Christian or not…spare a few prayers for this poor horse. Miracles have happened before and he may yet be intercepted. He can’t go to Canada without quarantine, so have the quarantine facilities all been contacted? $1000 will do a lot toward making it worth someone’s while to find him. From the Examiner: “Munition is a seven-year-old, 16.3 bay thoroughbred gelding with a Roman nose but no white markings. His lip tattoo is G25782. There is a $1000 reward for his safe return. If you have information that could lead to his recovery, please contact Deborah Jones at Thoroughbred Protection, Identification and Advocacy at 714 843 9108 or via Email at”
Pamela Arnold Davis
We can deal with allot of things, but we can't deal with stupid! 
For instance in "our humble opinion" how stupid is one to flirt and flaunt an affair while married to another person in a public forum such as lets just say umm, hmmm twitter? You can't cry wolf or "copyright infringement" if it is on a public forum. But the real question is, were they having an affair or was she stalking the poor guy "in our humble opinion" it appears to be the later of the 2 evils.



    Yes it is Mara Feld. Still kicking strong. All the bullying and pro-racetrack pro-poison horsemeat-world-of-fake-rescues-thieves. Unity of media/ignorance/manipulation. Little trouble with the FBI Sheidy???

    From the Examiner: “Munition is a seven-year-old, 16.3 bay thoroughbred gelding with a Roman nose but no white markings. His lip tattoo is G25782. There is a $1000 reward for his safe return. If you have information that could lead to his recovery, please contact Deborah Jones at Thoroughbred Protection, Identification and Advocacy at 714 843 9108 or via Email at”

    NOTE DEBORAH JONES IS FAKE. Give her a call and tell her to ride Munition to hell. The USDA could be paid off or maybe even threatened by these horse nuts. I would know.

  2. Anne Russek's story exactly mimics the experience from Munition. Christy got $1000 from Clarke/Posco. I have proof in her very own email and can forward. It is extortion. They even paid off the "Judge" at Spud's criminal trial vs the Commonwealth of Mass. Spud passed away shortly thereafter. Munition ate a carrot. Mara looked to the sky and wondered where her horse could be.....